Salesforce Announces “Bring Your Own Telephony”

It’s here! Your choice with voice! When Salesforce launched their new telephony product, Service Cloud Voice, it was great, fully integrated, customizable, future proof, and all the good things! The only question we heard time and again was, I’m not sure I’m ready for Amazon Connect to be my telephony provider (fyi, Amazon Connect is the telephony provider behind the scenes for SCV), and would love if I could bring my current provider (like Five9, Vonage, etc). Wellllll the moment we’ve all been waiting for — the GA release of BYOT (Bring Your Own Telephony – will be here on June 15th! Below we’re bringing you the 411 on this new update!

Why do I want this/Why do I care?

Service Cloud Voice is known to add value to your contact center by doing the following:

Previously Service Cloud Voice came with Amazon Connect, but now that you can choose from other telephony providers, you can find the solutions that works best for your team!

Who does this apply to?

Customers who want to bring their own telephony system, so say you have Vonage and love it, but wish it were part of what Salesforce is doing with their voice product (ie, more integrated with Omni Channel routing, etc), now you can have the best of both worlds – your chosen telephony provider AND Salesforce, working together better than ever!

What does it do?

The goal of BYOT is that telephony providers will be offering a contact center solution utilizing their telephony platform that works in a way similar to how Amazon Connect currently powers Service Cloud Voice. In every aspect, the objective is for the Service Cloud Voice product to be as integrated and as native as possible, whether a customer uses BYOT or Amazon Connect.

Which partners are offering it, is mine included?

Here’s the list we have so far, with more partners anticipated to go live in late Summer/Fall (Safe Harbor!). For more info, ask your Salesforce account team.

SCV – Telephony providers: 

via Salesforce

When can I get it? 

Generally Available in the Summer ’21 (232) release on June 15 (unless you were lucky enough to be part of the Spring Pilot earlier this year!) (Locate your instance in your org, then go to to find your Summer release date)

What exactly is Service Cloud Voice for BYOT/partner telephony?

Service Cloud Voice with BYOT will open up the capabilities and benefits of Service Cloud Voice to a range of telephony partners. 

Sounds great, but I need the technical nitty-gritty, where can I find that?

If you’re a techie, we’ve got the deets! In short, what has happened is that other telephony providers in the telecom world have been given a set of APIs that enable them to connect their telephony services or cloud phone system to Salesforce and achieve a contact center experience similar to the capabilities available with Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect. 

To give a deeper dive, essentially the BYOT telephone providers have built an integration with their telephony product and Salesforce’s SCV product – powered by  a combination of server-side REST API and client-side JavaScript libraries to build their entry point to Service Cloud Voice in order to support features such as agent auth, agent call controls, VoiceCall record creation and updates, real-time call transcription, after-call work, call recording playback, VoiceCall reporting and metrics, and supervisor monitoring. Your BYOT provider will have put all of this into a managed packaged and added a connector, both will then be installed into your org, configured, tested, and you’re off to the races! (And if you’ve been around since the start of Open CTI days, what’s different now is that Service Cloud Voice natively integrates the phone call on the Salesforce platform to make voice a digital channel. This is an end to end solution for phone support, inclusive of everything from telephony setup to agent automation to call analytics. Service Cloud Voice leverages components such as Omni-channel, Workforce Engagement, and Einstein.)

New SCV BYOT Resources:

New Service Cloud Voice Documentation (from our friends at Salesforce, includes a new learning trail with demos, trailheads, customer stories, training webinars, and more!)

Official Release Notes: Use Your Telephony Provider with Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony (Generally Available)

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