Bolt’s Salesforce Field Service (SFS) Quickstart provides foundational workforce management capabilities delivered by means of a turnkey solution. This solution is used to help organizations better manage service requests, from creation and dispatching through a completed service appointment from the mobile employee. It’s geared towards small to medium sized companies looking for a solution built on industry best practices with an implementation that provides both time and cost efficiencies. 

A perfect fit for small and medium-sized organizations, SFS Quickstart is a robust service management solution built on industry best practices, while getting you up and running quickly without breaking the bank.

What can SFS Quickstart do for you?

Provide a turnkey solution with low complexity and ease of adoption

Dispatch the right mobile worker for the job with assigned skills

Move away from manual management of field agents

Create work orders through a streamlined approach leveraging filters and automation

Monitor performance in the field to pull data on trends and improve operational processes

Solution Features

A full package solution that gets you up and running even when dealing with time and budget constraints

Field technician access to real-time customer data related to the work being requested

Poor customer experience due to scheduling issues are resolved with exact start times and assigning the best technician for the job

Real-time visibility into operational performance and KPIs for managers and dispatchers/agents

A fully connected workforce, both in-house and in the field

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