Salesforce Sales Cloud is the market-leading application built for empowering your team to sell faster and smarter, from anywhere. It’s designed specifically to allow them to easily manage the company’s contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, quotes and deals all in one place, removing monotonous and manual tasks so they can focus on growing your business. By bringing your sales team deeper into the Salesforce ecosystem, you’ll foster closer connections to marketing and other supporting departments that improve the customer journey.

Agility, pace and ingenuity are integral to a thriving sales process in today’s rapidly changing world, and building deeper connections with your customer base has never been more crucial. With Sales Cloud, your process pivots to a customer-centric approach, providing a 360-degree view of your customers and their interactions across your organization. As a long-time Salesforce system integrator, we proudly support the Sales Cloud product as part of our belief in the service 360 experience.

Product Features

Real-time visibility into your sales teams activity, simplifying forecasting

Access from anywhere, whether you're logging a call or working an opportunity from desktop or mobile

Standardized quoting and pricing of products and services

Automate common sales tasks, such as workflows and email activity

As a cloud-based, SaaS product, it's appropriate for businesses of all sizes

Built-in quoting capabilities that allow for detailed quote generation in a matter of clicks

Drag-and-drop functionality that enables you to build a process that guides your agents to a closed deal

Regular releases, training and access to the Salesforce community keep your team up-to-date

How Sales Cloud Helps You Win

Power of AI

Automation of manual tasks and insights into team activity increase productivity and allow for intelligent forecasting

Advanced Opportunity Management

A lack of streamlined case resolution process can lead to missing steps and not knowing where to go next based on the customer’s needs

Simplified Dashboarding

Pre-built dashboards, customized forecasting and drag-and-drop functionality helps you monitor KPIs in real time

Streamlined Sales Process

Your sales process should accurately map to your business goals, and customization ensures the process and productivity you need

360-Degree Customer View

Connection to the entire Salesforce ecosystem provides a full customer profile and access to products, services and more

Position Team for Success

The power of Sales Cloud is felt in your revenue-generating teams and beyond, empowering them with the best tools on the market

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