Salesforce Service Cloud provides a comprehensive view of workforce management. The platform provides opportunities to optimize the service experience by utilizing AI and integrating additional features such as phone, chat and messaging right into the service agent’s interface. All customer data is universally accessible, from the original case information, to customer history and context. Your agents are also provided with a 360-degree view of the customer from a single console, providing an efficient and highly satisfactory experience for both employees and customers.

The customer experience plays a significant role in the success of your service organization. With increasing customer demands and the rapid advancement of technology, we believe employing smart service solutions can help exceed customer expectations and future-proof your organization. We proudly support the Service Cloud product as part of our belief in the service 360 experience.

Product Features

Agents handle cases in a single screen with the service console

Automated processes combined with a full picture of the customer make case management simple

Recommended knowledge articles and optimized search can help boost agent productivity and speed up case resolution

Drag and drop functionality allows for automating redundant processes with end-to-end workflows

Visual remote assistance provides the opportunity to have face time with customers, adding another channel for customers to choose from

Omni-channel routing helps to match cases from any service channel to the most qualified agent for the case

Pre-built dashboards boost efficiency and can monitor KPIs as well as agent performance from anywhere

Integrate cloud telephony directly into the service console

Order management tools provide pre-built automation, ease of use and efficiency for agents and customers to track orders


Agents use multiple interfaces to handle single cases - data can be lost and overlooked and it decreases speed of case resolution

Lack of streamlined case resolution process can lead to missing steps and not knowing where to go next based on the customer’s needs

Lack of reference materials can leave agents in the cold if they are unsure how to proceed with a customer

Calls are routed in a general or first available manner, not necessarily to an agent knowledgeable on the case at hand

Fully integrated telephony provides added customer information and case history directly into the service console

Order management is be tracked across various platforms, and doesn’t provide a full customer profile to your service agents

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