Bolt Data is a premier consulting partner of ServiceMax, the global market leader in asset-centric field service management software. With a relationship that’s been strengthened over decades, we possess unique insight into all facets of ServiceMax’s offerings.

We specialize in leading field service process transformations, delivering tailored field service solutions, and seamlessly integrating technologies; all intended to optimize our clients’ field service capabilities. We have decades of experience implementing and supporting the ServiceMax Core solution, and are poised to help organizations dive into asset-centricity with Asset 360. Our deep integration expertise also provides us with insight into where these solutions may require additional tailoring so that you can be sure your service solution meets your needs.

Introducing Asset 360

ServiceMax Asset 360 opens new doors for customers across a broader set of industries to help keep your most important assets functioning. In addition to the benefits already provided by Salesforce Field Service, complex asset management capabilities are simplified with Asset 360’s pre-configured templates and industry best practices, empowering organizations to deliver better service while reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Solution Features Include

Project Management

Technical Architecture

Systems Integration


Process Architecture

Configuration Management

Quality Assurance


Solutions Architecture

Custom Development

Curriculum Development

Interested in learning more about ServiceMax solutions? We’d be happy to help! Drop us a quick message and one of our service experts will be in touch.