Case & Work Order Management

Ensure a seamlessly integrated and highly automated workflow with finely tuned case designs that span the contact center from field operations to the field technician.

Fully embedded contract entitlements and warranty information ensure your front-line team is capturing revenue opportunities and properly establishing customer expectations. In addition, comprehensive account management and technician scheduling capabilities ensure the right person with the right skills is accurately assigned.

Sales Enablement

From lead generation and opportunity management through configure, price and quote (CPQ), we design fully integrated sales and pipeline management solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Our intelligently crafted solutions make your sales staff more efficient and enable them to make prospects and clients a focal point. Integrated sales process and pipeline management capabilities enables a strong metrics-based foundation for sales management.

Entitlement & Profitability

Unique Salesforce product extensions enable your business to integrate contract and warranty entitlement information throughout service operations.

We automatically entitle products and work orders while providing flexible contract discount terms that ensures a reduction in manual data management and revenue increases through better warranty leakage management.

Field Technician Enablement

We bring best practices from over 100 customer engagements to tailor highly efficient processes for technician scheduling, time management and parts consumption.

Utilizing tailored solutions with field technician mobile platforms ensures that you optimize the data needed for the technician to get their job done while reducing the number of clicks needed to do so.

Depot Repair

Bolt Data’s Depot Repair accelerator provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing Salesforce Field Service Lightning to manage complex depot repair workflow requirements and provides comprehensive quality and cycle time metrics.

You can effectively track customer assets, loaners and company spares repair, with real-time status updates available to the customer via an online portal or contact center agent.

IoT-Enabled Asset Management

Utilizing IoT can simplify complex asset management that requires regular maintenance. Enabling your organization to track multi-level asset hierarchies is integral in ensuring “as maintained” information remains current and mission-critical products adhere to strict regulatory compliance requirements.

Coupled with Spoke IoT integrations or other solutions, we leverage data to keep asset data current and your technicians productive.

Service Parts Management

Efficient use of service inventory can often be the difference in turning a services profit.  To keep inventory turns high yet keep inventory where needed to ensure first call completion, we craft solutions that enable your contact centers and technicians alike to order, receive, consume and return parts quickly and efficiently.

Our experience integrating with a variety of ERP systems ensures real or near real time updates for orders and parts movement and ensures proper financial management of valuable company assets.

Metrics & Analysis

With 10 years of experience on the Salesforce platform, we have deep expertise on how to ensure your organization gets the information needed for good decision-making.

We leverage skills & certification information to ensure the best technician is routed to each job and specialize in handling complex dispatch scenarios to optimize technician efficiency and decrease asset downtime. Enabled by our Pricing and Profitability Accelerator, warranty and contract profitability information is readily available to decisionmakers.