Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Spoke AIOT connects real-time machine data to your service management platform, making your assets visible and intelligent. Spoke’s IoT Edge Hardware, IoT Edge Gateway, Cloud Gateway and Field Service Integration solutions optimize field service workflows through performance monitoring, remote diagnostics and control, advanced data analytics, easy automation, machine learning and product servitization.

As partners, Spoke and Bolt Data combine decades of experience in crafting 360-degree solutions with AI and the Internet of Things to satisfy the growing need for automation, performance monitoring and proactive processes in the field service domain.

Spoke AIoT for field service

Product Features

Out-of-the-box solution for full implementation of IoT solution from edge hardware to field service software solutions (Salesforce, ServiceMax)

Highly scalable and flexible solution based on industry leading platforms (AWS Azure, Google IoT, Salesforce)

Rapid implementation – days, not months

Modular architecture allows customers to mix-and-match best solutions to meet their needs - Provide an end-to-end IoT solution or full integration of existing IoT solution to firld service software


Real-time information about assets

Shift to a proactive business model with condition-based maintenance using real-time data rather than time-based maintenance

Run data analytics solutions for advanced reporting

Automate your workflows

Determine potential failures prior to disaster based on real-time machine data through AI and advanced analytics

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