Who We Are

Founded on the belief that the best-in-class service solutions are crafted by service professionals themselves, Bolt Data helps organizations transform the industry’s leading service software into tailored, state-of-the-art business solutions that improve asset uptime, service organization profitability and customer satisfaction. Our current team boasts decades of career experience delivering transformative solutions to enterprise clients around the globe.

Service is no longer compared within industries, but across them, and as it evolves faster than ever before, we strive to push the boundaries of what a service provider – and their support system – can accomplish. There’s always a new frontier to explore, and we’ll be the first to suit up in order to bring the best there is to those we serve.

Bolt Data’s approach to empowering service professionals expands well beyond the break/fix cycle; we strive to help doctors treat patients, field service technicians to aid families and create an industry shift from reactive to proactive. Our driving force is the ideology that the world of service can be transformed through the intelligent deployment of technology, and that we can provide smarter service for all.


To build remarkable service organizations around the globe.


Bolt Data will partner with the world’s best service organizations to transform service operations, empower service professionals and make connected assets visible and intelligent. We strive to be the preferred SI for customer and field service in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our Partner Platforms

Bolt Data is the only Salesforce partner solely dedicated to service management solutions in the customer service and field service industries. With tailored solutions designed specifically for your needs, we power innovation in sales, service, marketing, analytics and more.

ServiceMax is the global market leader in service execution management, including both field service and asset service management. Bolt Data works alongside ServiceMax to create a product that is robust enough to meet any field service challenge and handle any demand. Coupled with our expertise and the power of tailored solutions, we distill ServiceMax into a solution that fits exactly what you need.